We have built in many parts of the world and are willing to travel anywhere to assist in the construction of your adobe home. Our team can come to you for a short period of time to train builders in your area. We are always available to provide detailed information with clear instruction on any aspect of the adobe construction process. Remember, learning the adobe building technique is simple, forgiving, and stunning results can be achieved by novices.

We focus on the making and laying of adobe bricks. Here are some of the ways we can help:
We can arrive at your jobsite and produce all the necessary bricks for your project.

Our experienced team can assist in the construction of your adobe walls.

Choose from many finishing styles and learn how to apply beautiful earth plaster.

The rest we will leave up to you.......

We can help you build your own adobe home in many ways. We are here to help in as much or as little as you may need. Here are the ways we have helped our DIY clients:
  • On-Site Training - We come to you to teach you how to build with adobe in as much time as is necessary.
  • Off-Site Training - Come learn at one of our workshops, or assist an adobe home currently under construction.
  • Consultation - Whether by phone, email, Skype, or good old face to face, we are here to answer any questions that arise during the construction process.
  • Equipment Rental - Our unique set of molds can be expensive and time consuming to make, therefore renting them can be a good option. That way you can borrow them to make your bricks, and when you're done, just send them back!

Above are a few adobe homes built by our DIY clients. We would like to help you too.

We are an international team and realize experienced help may be hard to come by. The right advice and support may be all you need to build an adobe home economically and soundly. If any of these options appeal to you and the needs of your project, please contact us to see how we can help you and we will reply promptly.
Our skilled design team can assist you through the entire design process. We have helped over 50 families obtain building permits in order to build their adobe brick dream home. From concept sketches to completed construction drawings, we can help.

Below are sample construction plans taken from an engineered set of plans we designed. Each custom design is altered to suit your needs as well as the engineering requirements of the region. Plans are easily updated in AutoCAD until the final plan is achieved. We work closely with our clients to make sure the design works for them.
Adobe brick structures can be designed to suit any architectural style. Many of us think of the typical Southwest adobe look, but the construction system can be used nearly anywhere in the world to suit many architectural styles. Adobe can even be adapted for colder climates, with the use of insulation or a wider wall. However the 12" wide adobe brick wall is appropriate for most climates and all modern engineering principles can be applied to the adobe masonry method.

A good way to get started with your design is to look over our
Design Questionnaire. Here you can think about your unique site, use of space, style preferences, and all the little details that go into designing a home. If you like, send this back to us, and for a small fee we will put together a concept floor plan based on your needs.
Do-It-Yourself Support